Top 5 countries providing free education


The prospect of studying abroad has become everyone’s dream these days. After all, who isn’t fascinated enough with the idea of new culture, new people, new friends, new food, the exquisite lifestyle that an educational experience abroad can provide? I can bet that, at times, your mind drifts into this dream of yours and you start fantasizing about how amazing such an experience would be, right? And then comes the worst dream-killers ever – massive tuition fees and living expenditures – making the prospect of studying abroad an impossible voyage for you.

Well, nicht länger! Not anymore in German since you’re one step closer to making your dreams come true. Believing that most opportunities are missed because of our lack of knowledge, we have compiled for you the list of top 5 countries where you can avail either free education or education with minimal expenses. So, here we go!

  1. Germany

Out of the 400 universities in Germany, 320 of them are public, and guess what? Those 320 provide education to both German nationals, EU students and International students absolutely for free! They don’t charge anything, apart from the nominal administration fees which ranges from €150-250 per year (equivalent to PKR22000-37000). You read that right! Quality education and German lifestyle at the same price as charged by any public universities in South Asia. It is estimated that there are 73,000 Pakistanis, 161,000 Indians, and about 13,000 Bangladeshis currently residing in Germany. All that you need is proficiency in German (and trust me, that isn’t too difficult either, just start polishing your skills from today), and the land of ideas awaits you!


  1. Norway

Do you want to opt for graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs abroad for free? Norway is the place for you. With a Muslim population of 121,000, I bet you won’t be feeling left out over there. All you need to do is get proficient in Norwegian and one of the most naturally wonderful countries is all yours to explore.
The following countries don’t offer completely free education, but they charge similarly to what Pakistani universities charge us over here.
  1. Sweden

For the graduate and post-graduate programs at universities of Sweden, one has to pay the application and tuition fees which, to me, seems like a fair deal, taking into consideration the mesmerizing lifestyle that Sweden offers. Also, PhD positions are offered completely free in Sweden. Can’t go to the next country without mentioning the mouth-watering Swedish food which will definitely ravish your taste buds. All the more reason to go to Sweden, right?
  1. Austria

Studying at Austria just costs €730 per semester, equivalent to PKR 103,000. Considering the quality of life and education there, it’s a fair deal. However, in order to avail this option, proficiency in German language is a must, so start brushing up your German skills!
  1. Finland

Ever wondered about pursuing your studies at the North Pole of the World? Sounds adventurous, no? Now it is possible! Finland has many top-ranked institutes in the world, and there, you can study English-taught courses for €1500-15000 and Swedish/Finish taught courses absolutely for free. Even for the English-taught courses, the Finland government provides several financial assistances and scholarships, which can cover your whole educational expenses and can even provide you a living expenditure coverage. In simple terms, they might pay you for studying there! What are you waiting for?

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